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Vegetarian Spring Roll
Golden fried rice paper wrapped glass noodle and vegetable served with sweet chili sauce
Fresh Rolls
Romaine Lettuce, Thai basil, bean sprouts, carrots and vermicelli noodles in a rice paper wrapper served with a side of hoisin chili garlic sauce. Your choice of shrimp or tofu.
Fried Organic Tofu
Deep-fried tofu served with crushed peanut in sweet chili sauce
Chicken Satay
Strips of grilled marinated chicken tender on skewer served with a peanut sauce and cucumber relish
Spicy Wings * *
Crispy chicken wings in our spicy sauce
Goong Salong
Fried Shrimp wrapped in yellow noodle served with sweet chili sauce
Fish Cake *
Ground white fish mixed with red curry paste and Thai spices, deep-fried and served with crushed peanut in sweet chili sauce
Fried Squid
Deep-fried battered squid served with sweet chili sauce
with Tofu / vegetable / chicken / mock chicken:

with Shrimp / Seafood:
Cup: $2.95
Pot: $7.95

Cup: $3.25
Pot: $8.25
Tom Kha
Creamy coconut soup with galangal, lemongrass, mushroom and thai herbs
Tom Yum *
Traditional light, hot and sour soup with lemongrass and roasted chili
House Salad
Organic Spring mix, green leaf lettuce,cucumbers, bean sprouts and tomatoes served with peanut sauce
Taste of Thai Salad (available Vegetarian)
Our signature warm salad with green bean, chicken and ground peanut simmered in coconut milk and roasted chili sauce
w/ Tofu or chicken
Yum Woon Sen * “Clear Noodle Salad”
A salad of clear noodles, chicken and cashew nuts tossed in lime-chili dressing served over a bed of spring mix.
w/ Tofu, chicken or mock chicken

w/ Shrimp / Seafood
Yum Nua * “Grilled Beef Salad”
Wok-grilled beef tossed with cucumber, tomatoes and scallions in lime-chili sauce served over a bed of lettuce
PLA GOONG * “Grilled Shrimp Salad”
Grilled shrimp tossed in lime juice with sliced lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, red onion, tomatoes and roasted chili sauce
Choice of Chicken / Pork / Beef / Tofu / Vegetable or Mock Chicken:

Choice of Shrimp or Seafood:

Thai Fried Rice
Traditional Thai fried rice stir-fried with Thai broccoli, tomato, egg and scallions in a light soy sauce
Spicy Fried Rice * * “Drunken Fried Rice”
Street-style spicy fried rice with fresh garlic, crushed chili and basil along with baby corn, mushroom and carrots
Yellow Curry Fried Rice *
Southern-style fried rice with egg, carrot, yellow onion topped with fried shallot served with chili vinaigrette
Pineapple Fried Rice (available Vegetarian)
A Festive fried rice with pineapple, cashew nut, sweet sausage, pea, carrot and raisin
Choice of Chicken / Pork / Beef / Tofu / Vegetable or Mock Chicken:

Choice of Shrimp or Seafood:

Pad Thai
Stir-fried rice noodle in tamarind sauce with chicken, shrimp, tofu kan, egg, bean sprout, chive, crushed peanut and lime
Pad See Ew
A Thai staple, broad rice noodle stir-fried with egg and Thai broccoli in sweet soy sauce and yellow bean paste
Pad Kee Mao * * “Drunken Noodle”
Broad noodle stir fried in garlic and crushed chili with basil, baby corn, carrot and mushroom
Rad Nah
Thai gravy sauce with yellow bean paste and Thai broccoli over wok fried broad noodle
Spicy Rad Nah * *
Drunken-style thai gravy sauce with garlic, crushed chili and basil along with vegetables over wok-fried broad noodle
Kai Kua
Stir-fried broad noodle with chicken, squid,egg and scallion in light soy sauce served over lettuce
CURRY DISHES Served with Jasmine rice  
Choice of Chicken / Pork / Beef / Tofu / Vegetable or Mock Chicken:

Choice of Shrimp or Seafood:

Panang Curry * *
A popular spiced and creamy red curry sauce with thai herbs served oved sliced cabbage
Green Curry * * *
Spicy green chili paste simmered in coconut milk, bamboo shoot, Bell pepper, thai egg plant and lesser ginger
Red Curry * *
Red chili paste simmered in coconut milk with bamboo shoot, bell pepper, thai eggplant and basil
Yellow Curry *
Potato, carrot and yellow onion cooked in coconut milk with a mild spicy, rich and gentle sauce topped over fried shallot
Massaman Curry *
Indian influenced medium spicy massaman curry sauce with potato, carrot and a hint of tamarind and peanut
ASIAN STYLE WOK STIR-FRY Served with Jasmine rice
Choice of Chicken / Pork / Beef / Tofu / Vegetable or Mock Chicken:

Choice of Shrimp or Seafood:

Thai Green Bean *
Stir-fried blanched green bean in garlic and roasted chili sauce with a hint of basil
Spicy Basil * *
A popular spicy stir-fry with fresh garlic and crushed chili with basil, mushroom and bell pepper
Cashew Chicken * (available Vegetarian)
Stir-fried chicken with cashew nut, bell pepper and mushroom in exotic sweet and sour tamarind sauce
Ginger Delight
Stir-fry with ginger strips, perfumed shitake mushroom, black fungus and scallions
Garlic Platter
A succulent stir-fry with fresh garlic and crushed dried black peppercorn served over sliced cabbage
Sweet and Sour
Pineapple chunk, tomato, cucumber, carrot and yellow onion stir-fried in tropical sweet and sour sauce
Beef Broccoli (available Vegetarian)
Sliced beef stir-fried with broccoli, baby corn, mushroom and a hint of sesame oil
Spinach and Peanut Sauce
Wilted spinach topped with peanut sauce
Mixed Vegetable
Assorted vegetable stir-fried with crushed garlic in light soy base sauce
Fried Banana
Deep fried sliced banana wrapped in wonton skin topped with local honey
Black Sweet Sticky Rice
Thai sweet sticky rice pudding topped with creamy coconut milk
Coconut Custard
Coconut milk and rice flour dessert served warm in a ceramic cup
Fried Ice Cream
Deep-fried vanilla ice cream topped with warmed
rasberry sauce
Chocolate Loving Spooncake
Mouthfulls of chocolate mousse between layer of chocolate cake.
Passon Mango Cheesecake
Layers of creamy smooth passion fruit and mango infused buttermilk cheescake. Topped with tart passion fruit glaze.
Thai Ice Cream Sundae
Coconut Ice Cream topped with lychee fruits, rambutan, jackfruit, chopped peanuts, and a sala drizzle.

Thai Iced Tea $1.95
Thai Iced Tea with Lime Juice (non-dairy) $1.95
Thai Iced Coffee $1.95
Fresh Lime Soda $1.95

* A Selection of Loose Leaf Teas are available
$1.50 cup

$4.00 pot *
Bottled Water $1.25
Assorted Sodas (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite And Ginger Ale) $1.25
Organic Orange Juice $1.95

Please feel free to bring your own Beer and Wine. Please let us know about your food allergies and your dislikes. We cannot list all of our ingredients, however we are happy to personalize your requests. We proudly use organic tofu from Ithaca Soy and other organic ingredients from local farms. All of our dishes are cooked in canola oil and non-trans fat oil since 2005.